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IB Students’ Voices

‘Fortunes’ created by IB seniors -- passed on to the IB juniors at their recent ‘Pinning Ceremony’

Sleep is for the weak.
(But get some anyway to please thy parents.)


Listen to your inner Dr. Gallagher
and success will follow.


Breathe -
you're on the road to success.


IB is like a tunnel, a very long tunnel,but there's still light at the end.


Long nights and hard work will lead you to a prosperous future.


IB amazed of the colleges you will get into.


Good luck is the result of good planning.


The future is in your hands -
make good handprints.


When one door closes, just bust out a window.


The secret to getting ahead is getting started.


Intellectual characteristics will flourish your future
with brightness and success.


You will gain the ability to write any paper over night.


Keep the past behind you and count today as a new day to make change.


The key to success is believing in yourself.


If you wish to see the rainbow,
you have to withstand the rain.
IB is just a giant hail storm.


Think about your future, but value the present.


Have confidence in your abilities
and be tough enough to follow through.

IB Students’ Voices


Seniors -- Class of 2011 -- to Juniors -- Class of 2012

IB 11 students are just completing quarter 1 – there is panic, doubt, worry, fatigue – stress.  Remember any of those feelings?

What can you say to them? What advice do you have for them?



Listen guys, I know it seems like you just slammed into the giant Wall of I.B. and now you're forced to scale it;  but no worries!  Some weeks you will be homework-free, and you will be able to relax and enjoy your young life.  But at other times, you will be under a substantial amount of work.  The best way to handle this workload is to set a schedule, plan ahead, take everything a piece at a time, and JUST DO IT.  Trust me, it certainly pays off in the and.  To all the colleges I have applied to so far, I have been asked if I have been taking I.B. classes.  When I told them that I have, they basically all guaranteed that I'm a shoe-in to their university if I can maintain adequate grades.  So really, just have a little patience and perseverance -- I.B. will get you so much further than the rest of the crowd preparing for college.

-Alice Clearie, senior of 2011


Juniors - I remember feeling similarly to the way you all might be feeling now.  Junior year is going to continue to be a challenge, and stress, doubt, and fatigue will definitely be a part of this year.  However, everything you're doing is helping you each move closer to your goal of graduating with an IB diploma.  The workload, although tough, and the courses you're taking, although rigorous, are all going to become second nature to you as the year progresses.  Each one of you are going to feel such accomplishment with every good test score, successful English Oral, or great Spanish skit.  It's important to be open minded this year.  If you feel your after-school habits aren't conducive to studying and you're putting more effort into your social life than your academics, you will have to reevaluate.  It's important to prioritize, manage your time wisely, and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.  We all do it, but in the end, the stress will be so much less if you just do assignments in timely manners when they're assigned.  If you feel yourself slipping in a class or not understanding the material, it's important to address the problem right away.  Go in for extra help!  Get a senior or classmate to help you once a week!  I guarantee that most everyone around you is going through the same thing as you are;  talk with your classmates, form study groups, and create solid relationships with your teachers.  Eat right, get outside, do something physical everyday, and TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN to get at least 8 hours of sleep!  Don't hesitate to ask any IB senior for help or advice!

Tara Tecce


Dear juniors,

I’ve been in your place TRUST ME. You feel as if you can’t go any longer and you are just drained from all of this work. This is just the beginning, unfortunately but to tell you the truth you are going to look back on this and thank your teachers for everything they’ve done. It’s going to be so worth it when you start receiving your acceptance letters like I am now. Manage your time and just DO NOT PROCASTINATE because it will just make things worse. Just remember that everything counts and you are actually doing this for a good reason. Make the best out of it because IB is truly going to be your family for the next two years.

Stephany Vasquez


This is my word of advice to the Juniors!

I definitely remember what it felt like to be completely overwhelmed the first quarter of junior year. Going into the first week I can remember Mrs. Feasley already assigned an oral for the following week and I almost cried. I had no idea that orals were even a requirement! As the first quarter passed though, it only got easier. Yes, there was a lot of work piled on us, but handling it became easier because we became so used to the workload we were able to manage our time pretty well. I can honestly say I have never pulled an all-nighter. I have stayed up until 2 a.m., but never awake all night. I think knowing that IB is worth it in the end made the whole experience easier. Now that I am applying to colleges and visiting them, it makes me more confident to know I have the “IB” card to play anytime I want to. It also makes me proud to know I am completeing college level work on a high school schedule. If I can manage my time now then managing my time in college may be a whole lot easier. It definitely looks good to colleges and I also know it will prepare me for what’s ahead. I got through Junior year reminding myself of all of these things. If you can see that light at the end of the tunnel then junior year will only be a speed bump in you're educational goals.

Keira Bartley


Going through the IB program can be quite stressfull. Junior year is the most demanding because of all the IA's, labs, projects, orals, and World Lit Papers. It only gets harder, and more challenging- but there is a way of dealing with feelings in a positive way. Here are some viable points I would make to Juniors:

-Time Management: Managing time wisely and keeping an organized schedule halps plan and keep assignments noted. Write down dates! Plan ahead!

-No Procrastination: We all do it; try to plan ahead or at least start assignments instead od leaving it ALL for the night before.

-Don't cheat/stress over an exam- If stressed or worked up over an exam, in the long run it's not going to help. Study if possible, when possible, and do the best you can-it's all you can do. It's really not worth it to cheat on a test.. take the zero because you will be able to make it up in the long run! You've worked so hard, don't let the little things get to you.

-Get sleep!- It's tough, especially toward the middle of the year, you will perform better if well rested.

-Talk to Someone- Find outlets and vent, don't bottle emotions.

Sydney Linthicum

I would tell the IB Juniors to hang in there. Even though right now may seem grim and like they're never going to be able to get through it, they can. If they really want the IB diploma and keep working as hard as they can, it's possible. Being a student athlete, let alone and IB student athlete, their dreams are attainable --- if they put valiant effort into everything they do. If they do the best they can, that's all they can ask for. They might not get straight A's or be head of the class, but being in this program with a B/A average is saying a lot.

The harder they work the harder it's going to be surrender. Meaning that if they work their tails off all 4 years, the greater the chance they are going to come out of this program with the diploma and a year of college under their belts. Don't give up and don't give in. They'll thank themselves later. I know I am!. Ever time they think about quitting, get right back up and make something positive out of it.

Making it through IB is possible. It is also more than worth it. Take my advice, and hang in there.

Bree Scarborough


Letter(s) from Alumni

Dr. G,

You were right! I do love it here in Boulder and I can honestly say I think I made the right decision in choosing a school. I had almost completely written off CU when I went into a college meeting with you and my parents last year. You changed my mind about academics and distance so thank you for making me give it another chance. I've got great grades and I'm already almost a year ahead in credits. I do have to say, IB prepared me more than I ever thought it would for this experience. Papers are much easier to write and I work so much better under stress than most others. All in all, I am so glad I chose the IB program and stuck with it. It really does prepare you in the best way possible. Also, my mom came out to visit last weekend and insisted we go to the Flagstaff House (apparently upon your suggestion) and we had a great meal - she wanted me to tell you how much she enjoyed it. So again, thank you for all of your help last year and those before it, I wouldn't have chosen CU without your expertise and I'm so glad I did.

Chamie Brown


Greetings from a former student

This is a former student of your's, D.R. Colkitt. It's been a long time! How has everything been with you? How's work? How's your family? I drove by Riverview a few weeks ago and the place looks much improved from the third world/prison revival architectural style that I remember.

Right now I'm living in Chicago, enjoying the cold. I work as a mathematician at a hedge fund here. Also I'm getting married in August. Are you still getting the chance to travel a lot like I remember? I think when I graduated you must have had something like 6 trips already scheduled for the next 3 years. I'm currently in the middle of planning a long trip to Australia and New Zealand.

It's hard to believe how long it's been since I was there. My younger brother Kevin is already applying to IB for 9th grade next year. It's seems like the program has come a far way and is really popular now. Looking back on it, the education there was really incredible. I remember starting as a freshman at Penn and being better prepared and having better critical thinking than kids coming in from Northeastern boarding schools. So I'm happy, but not surprised, that the program is doing so well.

Anyway, I hope everything is going well with you. It's been good (and nostalgic) writing to you. Have a great weekend.



Some of our current freshmen wanted to share their insights about their first year in the IB program with you.  They have been where you are now, and they wanted to let you know what a positive and supportive experience IB has been for them as they transitioned into high school.


             I never expected the IB program to be so welcoming.  The teachers really

            care about their students.  The IB program is a positive environment of   

            which I am glad to be a part.  ~ Courtney Hoblock (Sarasota Middle School)


            This year in IB, I’ve learned to manage my time better then ever before.  I

            know how to balance my time between school and everything else.  This

            will benefit me the rest of my life.  ~ Gretchen Garcia (Braden River)


            My first year in IB helped my organizational and time management skills,

            and I’m grateful for the environment that is created by all my diligent

            peers. ~ Sarah Wagler (Pine View School)


            IB has helped me get organized and has opened up a worlds of possibility

            for me this year. ~ Chris Collins (Brookside Middle School)


            What I like about being in IB my freshman year is that I have made many

            new friends.  Also the teachers are funny and make learning easy.  Even

            though we get an abundant amount of work, later on in life, I know I will

            be better prepared for college and wherever life may take me. ~ Paige

            Reichenberger (McIntosh Middle School)

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