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Riverview IB Diploma Program Details

What is this ‘IB diploma program thing’? The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is a challenging pre-university course of studies, leading to examinations. The program meets the needs of highly motivated secondary school students, by presenting a state of the art, globally-focused curriculum, instructional strategies that address varied learning styles, and, an assessment plan that

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Did You Know?

The average acceptance rate of DP students into university/college is 22 percentage points higher than the average acceptance rate of the total population. The average SAT score of IB Diploma Programme candidates is 1953, and the average for IB Certificate candidates is 1794.  The national average SAT score is 1500. 65% of IB DP students

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IB Parents’ Voices

• “My 9th grade student loves most of her teachers and is having a great year so far. Her teachers were good about working out a schedule for completing make-up work for a medical absence. She feels challenged but not overwhelmed. “ 9th grade parent • “…….likes that IB members try to help one another

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New University Study Released!

New study on the university enrollment, retention and graduation rates of Diploma Programme (DP) students who graduated from public and private high schools in the United States in 2008: Some of the key findings of the study include: 92% of IB Diploma Program students graduating from US high schools in 2008 enrolled in US postsecondary

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May 2016 Exam Results

May 2016 IB Exam Results announced: 129 Diploma Candidates — % who earned diploma = 87.3% 77 Anticipated Candidates totaling 85 exams (juniors who sat for exam(s)) —  % who received ‘passing’ mark (‘4’) = 90% 1 Anticipated Career-related Program (junior, 1 exam) = 100% ‘passing’ mark 74 Diploma Course students (Riverview students who sat

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