Riverview IB Diploma Program Details

What is this ‘IB diploma program thing’?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is a challenging pre-university course of studies, leading to examinations. The program meets the needs of highly motivated secondary school students, by presenting a state of the art, globally-focused curriculum, instructional strategies that address varied learning styles, and, an assessment plan that recognizes and rewards students for the work done in school.

Started in 1967, the diploma program has grown to encompass 2400 diploma program schools in 117 countries around the world, 1572 diploma program schools in the Americas, 893 diploma program schools in the United States, and, 83 diploma program schools in the state of Florida. The continued growth of programs is definitive testimony to its effectiveness in building holistic learners – students are poised for university and lifelong success. IB schools are public, private, parochial, charter, small, large, urban, suburban, rural…..with all types of learners.

It should be noted that the IB has four programs: a primary years program (PYP), a middle years program (MYP), a career program (CP), and, a diploma program (DP). Riverview offers a Career Program and a Diploma Program.

The diploma program at Riverview

Riverview High School was accredited as an IB Diploma school in January 1999. The class of 2017 represents our 17th graduating class. We are in our 18th year of administering exams.

Serving as a school-within-a-school at Riverview High School, the IB diploma program provides motivated students with an opportunity to pursue a rigorous university preparatory curriculum, which equally fosters social and emotional growth. The program promotes balance, while emphasizing self- reflection, community involvement, and an enlightened worldview.

Broken down into preparatory IB in grades 9 & 10 (pre-IB) and IB (grades 11& 12), this diploma program stresses education of the “whole person”. The course of study utilizes international standards and is based on an integrated curriculum that provides for multiple forms of learning techniques and assessments.

The diploma program at Riverview is committed to continuous improvement. With a faculty steeped in program fidelity and expertise, a strong, involved IB Parent Organization, and, leadership structures that promote collaboration and shared decision-making, we have consistently surpassed our own program goals and world averages.

As we enter the 2016-17 school year, there will be approximately 375 PIB students, 275 diploma program candidates, 40 career program students, 200 additional students taking IB courses (grades 11 & 12), and, 200 additional students taking PIB courses (grades 9 & 10)


Being an IB student

  • Challenging and exciting classes, focusing on writing, thinking, communicating, and
  • Rigorous and comprehensive education based on a global perspective;
  • A commitment to community and human welfare;
  • High standard of teaching required by the IB program;
  • Possibility of entering college with advanced standing, enhances the student’s chances of
  • High expectations of students and development of full academic potential in all areas of
  • Participation in a community of scholars;
  • Opportunity to earn a universally recognized, world-class credential;
  • Emphasizes the philosophy of applied knowledge rather than mere book learning;
  • Appreciation of Cultural Perspectives
  • Raising of Educational Standards/High Expectations
  • Compete in International Arena and Universally Recognized

For comments or questions, please contact: Dr. Paul Gallagher, Assistant Principal/IB Coordinator paul.gallagher@sarasotacountyschools.net

(July 2016)

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