IB Parents’ Voices

• “My 9th grade student loves most of her teachers and is having a great year so far. Her teachers were good about working out a schedule for completing make-up work for a medical absence. She feels challenged but not overwhelmed. “ 9th grade parent
• “…….likes that IB members try to help one another because they all know what’s at stake and all have the same mindset.” 10thgrade parent
• She (daughter) led us to Riverview and the IB program with a desire to challenge herself academically and be the best student/athlete she could possibly be. What she likes best about the program is her comfort at being in an atmosphere of learning where she is surrounded by so many other students who share a common desire to challenge themselves and who want to be actively involved in their education; who care about learning and want to achieve good grades in hard classes. 11th grade parent

• We (student and her parents) are very pleased with the program and the caliber of administration, teaching and curriculum we’ve experienced with little exception. “ IB Family
• “He (son) loves, finally being challenged, and working for an unbelievably incredible goal! …nice quirky teachers, to keep him interested and motivated!
– attending classes among like-minded students
– making friends with similar workloads, helps balance social/school life
– getting a world-class education
– most teachers are strong with their subject matter
– overall, improves college opportunities
– strong support infrastructure for IB students and parents” IB Parent
• “We have found the teachers and staff of the IB program to be great. They have answered all our questions promptly and completely. It is obvious that they care about the students and strive to provide the best education possible to meet their needs.” 12th grade parents

• “What she (daughter) likes best about the IB program is how it challenges her and the students in the program. She thinks that most of the teachers are very intelligent and well prepared and provoke thought.” PIB Parent

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